Clermont County Sheriff’s Special Response Team conducts Active Shooter training at Bethel Tate High School:

On November 23 the Clermont County Sheriff’s Department conducted active shooter training for Clermont and Brown County sheriffs and local police and public safety officers.  The Clermont’s Special Response Team conducted the training for the area’s officers to provide officers with the experience of being in an active shooter situation in a school building.  

The scenarios involved an individual officer being the first on the scene coming into the school where an active shooter is present.  The scenarios were very carefully and safely planned and provided the experiences of the various senses, anxieties, and emotions that are present while engaged in an active shooter situation.

The officers went through two scenarios that involved an active shooter in the academic section of the facility. Clermont County Special Response Team drill Instructors at the end of the scenario went over the experience with the trainee pointing out the strengths and improvable points of the exercise.  The trainees all commented on how much they learned and appreciated this training.  They felt that the exercises gave them an enhanced awareness of what it would be like during an active shooter event in a school and are now better prepared.

We want to thank all our county and local public safety services organizations for giving us the opportunity to host this event. This training also benefited our schools.  Several administrators and staff were there to observe and experience the scenarios.  Additionally, the training provided the area officers with exposure and gained their familiarity with our facilities and grounds.