Staff Spotlight

We're eager to help our community get to know our Tiger family by shining the spotlight on some of our amazing staff members.

The February 10th, 2023 Spotlight focused on Anne Gasior, Ebon Hill Intermediate School.

What is your teaching assignment? 

5th grade science

Do you have an assignment in addition to teaching (coach, club sponsor ....) ? 

I'm the Yearbook Coordinator for Hill Intermediate

How long have you been with Bethel-Tate?

Ten years - two years at BTMS, and eight years at Hill.

From where did you graduate high school & college (including degree received)?

I graduated from BTHS in 2006, Xavier University in 2010 with my BS in Middle Childhood Education (ELA/SS focus), a reading endorsement and a minor in Gender/Diversity Studies, Xavier University in 2011 with my certificate for 4-9 Science, Xavier University in 2018 with my MA in Multicultural Literature.

Anything else you would enjoy students/families knowing about you?

I'm about as local as you can get. I grew up in Bethel and I went to Bethel schools as a kid and when I was in the 5th grade (back when Hill Intermediate was the Middle School!) I decided that I wanted to be a teacher in Bethel too. One of my favorite things about teaching in the town where I live is getting to see my students as they grow up both in person and on social media when their families share pictures. Fostering those meaningful, long lasting relationships and memories is something that my teachers at Bethel did for me, and I'm honored to be able to return the favor as a teacher now. When I'm not at school, I enjoy reading all genres of books and spending time with my husband and little boy.