Dr Shula

On August 16, the Bethel-Tate Board of Education recognized fellow Board member Dr. William Shula for being a recipient of the 2022 Ohio School Board Association's Aptitude and Recognition Award. This award is part of their STAR Awards Program—Service, Training, Aptitude and Recognition. 

OSBA shared this about Dr. Shula, "Your efforts reflect a true commitment toward public education and the importance you attach to your role as a school board member. Thank you for your dedication."

The OSBA Aptitude and Recognition Awards are presented to a very select group. Of the more than 3,400 board members in Ohio, only 38 will receive the Aptitude Award and 12 will receive the Recognition Award in 2022. OSBA will officially recognize Dr. Shula's achievement at the SW Region Fall Conference on October 13.

Congratulations to Dr. Shula! We appreciate your service to the school district.