Bethel Tate Admin and Bethel Police image

Bethel-Tate Local Schools Administrators and Village of Bethel Police Focusing on School Safety.

The safety of our students, staff, and visitors has always been the primary focus here at Bethel Tate Local Schools.  Recently the admin team has been working with the Chief Essert of the Village police department regarding our building’s security practices.  The administrative team along with the Bethel Police are working together to implement new practices and improve upon existing security and school threat protection procedures and protocols.

A team of administrators as well as Chief Essert and Officer Hooven on June 6 attended the School Threat Assessment Conference at Xavier University.  The conference provided discussions about best practices from leading school-safety experts.  The Xavier School of Education, Criminal Justice Program and University Police department hosted the event.  Experts from the Department of Homeland Security Center’s, National Threat Assessment Center presented topics regarding enhancing school safety using the threat assessment model.  In addition, Dr. Cheryl Jonson of XU provided best practices advice for how to react during active threats.