Staff Spotlight Becky Halcomb

We're eager to help our community get to know our Tiger family by shining the spotlight on some of our amazing staff members.

The February 17th, 2023 Spotlight focused on Becky Halcomb, Bethel-Tate Middle School.

What is your teaching assignment?
Eighth-grade Science and Social Studies.

Do you have an assignment in addition to teaching?
I serve on our Building Leadership Team and last year worked on Science and Social Studies textbook committees to help choose new resources for the district. Also, I am a staff advisor on our former Hope Squad, now called Sources of Strength (SOS), empowering students on their social, emotional and mental health.

How long have you been with Bethel-Tate?
This is lucky number 13!

From where did you graduate high school & college (including degree received)?
I'm a graduate of Fairfield High School in Fairfield, Ohio. I earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Middle Childhood Education from Mount Saint Joseph and my Master’s Degree is from Xavier University.

Anything else you would enjoy students/families knowing about you?
My students say that I make the best brownies, and I bake for them often. I love to read and travel, I especially enjoy those things with a latte in hand. Bethel-Tate students traveled to France in 2014 and I was overjoyed to be a teacher chaperone for that experience. My family and I moved into the district several years ago, and my children attend Bethel-Tate. If you see me moseying through Fossyl Drive being an unpaid Uber for them, wave hi :) Tiger Pride!