BTLSD Learning Recovery & Extended Learning Plan 2021 - 2023

Bethel-Tate Local School District

Learning Recovery and Extended Learning Plan



Bethel-Tate Local School District recognizes that many of our students have experienced learning loss as well as social and emotional distress due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Our preliminary Learning Recovery and Extended Learning Plan will be periodically reviewed and revised.


Impacted Students: How will Bethel-Tate Local Schools identify which students have been most impacted by the pandemic in terms of their learning progress (with a focus on the most vulnerable student populations)?

  • All students who have and are currently attending through the Bethel-Tate Virtual Academy.
  • K-12 special education students who are not meeting progress monitoring goals.
  • K-12 students who are not making adequate progress in core academic classes.
  • In grades 9-12, students who have failed required courses for graduation purposes.

Needs Assessment: How will Bethel-Tate Local Schools identify the needs of those students?

·      Bethel-Tate Local Schools used the following data to identify student learning loss:

o    K-5: STAR Reading and Math data

o    K-2: Dibels data

o    Grades 3-12: Edulastic and classroom assessments

o    K-12: IEP progress monitoring

o    Grades 9-12: Transcripts

o    K-5: Accelerate Education data for virtual students

o    Grades 6-12: APEX course data for virtual students

o    Moby Max data

o    K-12: Intervention process to identify students in need

o    Teacher recommendations

o    Various online programs and assessments

·      Bethel-Tate Local Schools used the following data to identify student social and emotional needs:

o   Grades 6-12: Hope Squad

o   Teacher/counselor recommendations/referrals

o   Parent request

o   MTSS process


Resources and Budget: What resources are available to address those needs?  Generally, what is the budget for the plan?

·      These resources will include: online programs, curriculum materials, and the use of technology and supplies.

·      Breakfast and lunch available (during summers and school year).

·      Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Funds from the federal government will be used to cover the resources needed for summer and upcoming school years learning losses.


Approaches: What approaches can best be deployed to address those needs? (This may include approaches such as ending the school year later than scheduled, beginning the new year early, extending the school day, summer programs, tutoring, and remote options.)

·      Bethel-Tate Local Schools will use the following to address academics:

o   Summer programs to address learning loss in core academics and fine arts.

o   K-12: intervention tutoring during the school day and as an afterschool program for targeted students.

o   Grades 9-12: Credit Recovery Program

o   Grades 7-12: Bethel-Tate Alternative School

o   K-12: Bethel-Tate Virtual Academy

·      Bethel-Tate Local Schools will use the following to address social and emotional needs:

o    K-12: social skills groups for targeted students

o    K-12: Child Focus is available

o    K-12: Bethel-Tate school counselors

o    Grades 9-12: School-Connect Program

o    Grades 7-12: Bethel-Tate Alternative School


Partnerships: Which local and regional partners (such as Educational Service Centers, Information Technology Centers, libraries, museums, after-school programs, or civic organizations) can schools and districts engage in supporting student needs?

·      Clermont County Educational Service Center

·      Hamilton County Educational Service Center

·      K-5: Champions (childcare program)

·      Empower Youth

·      Bethel branch of the Clermont County Library

·      OSU Extension

·      Child Focus

·      Clermont County Juvenile Court

·      Community Savings Bank

·      Lions’ Club

·      SST 13


Alignment: How can this plan reinforce and align to other district or school plans?  This may include but is not limited to Student Wellness and Success Fund plans, remote learning plans, improvement plans, CCIP-related plans, graduation plans.

·      CCIP alignment

·      Student wellness plan

·      Remote learning plan

·      Bethel-Tate staff and teacher professional development

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