Preparing for Winter Weather

The district has made the following preparations for the winter season.

Prepping the HVAC Systems

During September and October, the buildings boilers, building, and classroom systems were serviced and inspected. The Intermediate School’s boilers did require new burner tubes and frames. The HVAC vendor Debra-Kuempel along with our custodians did an outstanding job making sure that our HVAC systems were ready for the cold months ahead.

Snowplows and Salt

The District’s two pickup trucks have been equipped with snowplows and salt spreaders. Our four snow blowers are tuned, tested, and ready to go. The walk-behind salt spreaders and hand equipment were inspected for ensured safe and proper operation. The inventories of rock salt and ice melt have been replenished.

Monitoring Weather Conditions and Making the Call

During the winter months, we are always monitoring the weather conditions. Below freezing ground temperatures cause the concern of hazardous pedestrian and vehicle traffic on our sidewalks, parking lots and driveways. The facilities crews check for and treat snow and icy conditions on these surfaces. When an inclement winter weather event is forecasted, the team will collaborate with the building and district administration on how the event will be handled.

In situations when inclement weather occurs prior to the start of the school day, the operations division will travel the district’s roads and check the conditions usually by 4:00 a.m. During these situations, constant communications occur among the Superintendent, Director of Operations, transportation, and our neighboring school districts to discuss the District and region's overall road conditions.

The District’s goal is to have a decision made by 5:00 a.m. regarding any delays or cancellations. As soon as a decision is made, operations will notify the media, parents, and staff as well as post the information on the District website. Unfortunately, weather can be unpredictable and at times the notification process may be delayed due to condition changes. We always strive to provide the decision as soon as possible.

During the very cold mornings when temperatures are in the teens or lower, the buses starting can be a challenge. The transportations and operations departments have developed procedures to ensure that the buses will start during these excessively cold mornings.

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