About Our School

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101 Fossyl Dr
Bethel, OH 45106
Gregory Chandler
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Vision Statement:    Educate the child today to promote success for tomorrow.

Mission Statement:  At William Bick Primary we will strive to create a caring, safe environment, which enables every individual to learn. We will foster intellectual, social, physical, and creative development in each child.


     At William Bick Primary we teach the Ohio Learning Standards.  These standards include language arts, math, science, social studies, art, music and physical education. We have chosen to focus on language arts and math instruction at William Bick Primary.  We teach science and social studies through these main areas of emphasis. 

     In order to teach the standards, we strive to meet the needs of each child through a variety of instructional methods. These include the use of manipulatives, learning centers, and the flexible grouping of students.  As we use these instructional methods, teachers have various programs and supplemental materials available to them.  For language arts instruction we use the Reading Street Reading Series, leveled reading books, the Accelerated Reader program, a rich assortment of literature, and other manipulatives (i.e.: flashcards, letter dice, magnetic letters).  Our math instruction is delivered through teacher developed units as well as manipulatives (i.e. counting chips, play money, pattern cubes, etc.).