Principal's Message

Robert Macleod

MacleodIn June 2021, Mr. Robert Macleod was approved as the next principal of Ebon C. Hill Intermediate School. Macleod is currently an assistant administrator in Lynchburg-Clay Schools. Before entering administration in 2018, he was a teacher in Lynchburg-Clay for 10 years, teaching science, math, social studies, and reading in 4th and 5th grades. For three consecutive years, he earned the rank of accomplished teacher.

“I am excited to be coming to Bethel-Tate School District! It is a blessing to be working in Bethel and see the fulfillment of a dream. Working in a district with such a good reputation and in a beautiful area is an added bonus. I believe it will be a great year getting to know the school staff and community,” Macleod said.

Hill’s current principal, Mr. Matt Wagner, is retiring at the end of June. Wagner has been an educator in Bethel-Tate Local Schools since 1993.


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