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Superintendent’s Message

Dear Bethel-Tate District Students, Parents, Families, and Community:

I want to personally welcome you back to the 2017-2018 school year, which is always a very exciting time for students, parents and educators!  I hope that you and your family have had an enjoyable summer filled with many opportunities to spend time together.  We are busily preparing for the first day of school on Tuesday, August 22nd .

The start of a new year brings wonderful opportunities to learn new skills, make new friends and become involved in school activities like clubs and organizations.  The beginning of a new school year also reminds me we have another year’s worth of opportunities to make a difference in the lives of our students.

We have an outstanding team of educators and support staff that are highly qualified and prepared for their arrival.  As we strive to promote healthy developments in all aspects of each student’s life, we also strive to develop our schools with character where students make good choices and decisions resulting in successful and healthy outcomes.  We encourage students to demonstrate the best of themselves every moment of everyday and to make positive contributions to groups, team sports and organizations to which they belong.

Through our journey for excellence, we pave the way for students to be provided appropriate learning opportunities and maintain an environment where students, faculty, and staff strive to become their best.  We are responsible for the future of our students and it is our responsibility to help all students to be challenged to do their very best each day.  I recognize and appreciate that it is the hard work of our dedicated staff that makes our district a top notch system that we can all be proud.

In November, 2016 our district passed a five year 6.6 mills emergency levy.  Since then the Board and administration has been very active with the planning and implementation of various projects focusing on the overall improvement to facilities and equipment.  The district has developed a 5-year facilities master plan focusing on key areas that are in dire need of repair and or replacement.   Areas of focus involve: 

Transportation  - Buses and Student Van

HVAC  - Replace End of Life Boilers and Chillers

Roofs  - Replace and Repair Roofs at All Locations

Pavement – Seal, Repave and Stripe Parking Lots and Drives throughout the District

Equipment – Replace Aging Equipment such as Floor Scrubbers, Mowers and Snow Removal

Building Fixtures - Classroom LED lighting, Water Fountains, Hand Dryers, Athletic Facilities,Out Buildings and Bleachers.

Technology – Upgrade Network Infrastructures, Interactive Boards and Computers

In February, 2017 the District purchased a new 72-passenger bus. This bus was added to our fleet and we pulled an aging bus with over 160,000 miles from the daily routes.  The district intends on purchasing two additional buses by the end 2017.

In a school environment most construction projects need to occur during the summer break.  This summer, projects consisted of:

  • Replacement to approximately 35 percent of the aging roofs at Hill Intermediate School.  This area consists of the gym and the center sections of the facility, which occupy classrooms, computer labs and offices.
  • Repair and replacement of approximately 40 percent of the aging roofs at William Bick Elementary School.  This area consists of the cafeteria, kindergarten corridor and first grade corridor.
  • Replacement of the end of life boilers and domestic hot water heater at the Middle School.
  • Seal coat and reline the parking lots and drives at the High School
  • Repave, replace parking stops and reline the front drive and parking lot at the Middle School

    The Board and administration recognizes the importance of being good stewards towards the community’s tax dollars.  We aim to obtain the most cost effective products and strive to design and implement solutions that will provide a lasting and sustainable end result.  Our desire is to be proactive with preventative maintenance and manage facilities in a very efficient manner. 

    With that said The Bethel-Tate Local School District has recently achieved the coveted Energy Star designation for all four of the District’s schools.  By utilizing and maintaining the various building automations and cost cutting efficiencies the District has save nearly $200,000 in energy cost since 2016.  The District’s future projects for building systems will share the common prerequisites of high efficiency, and savings on energy usage and cost.  This focus will help provide more funding dollars to go towards education as a whole. 

    Thank you for all your support of our students and staff each year, knowing that without the support of our community we would not be as successful.  I am honored to be Superintendent of Bethel-Tate Schools.  I look forward to an exciting 2017-2018 school year.

    Please note that there is one change in school time for Bick Primary.  Bick will start at 8:20 a.m. and dismiss at 3:20.  This change will help with bus times.

  • Melissa Kircher
    Bethel-Tate Local School District


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